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A  Casually  Mad  Career 

Come and join a talented team of passionate game makers.

  • Art Director - Barcelona (M/F)

    As an Art Director you will be an active and hands-on artist able to define the art vision of our projects and execute key assets that could be used as references on all disciplines (2D, 3D, UI…).

  • Data Engineer (M/F)

    We are looking for a passionate and experienced data engineer to join us in the Mad-venture!

    Data Automation
  • Gameplay Developer - Paris (M/F)

    You are a Game Developer and you love to code and create games?

    🇫🇷 PARIS

Inside  MADBOX 

What they think about working at Madbox and what their days look like

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Madbox - Mario kart
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Madbox Barcelona

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Transparency builds trust and that’s why we encourage everyone to share their experiences at Madbox.


  • 4.9

    Culture & Values

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    Diversity & Inclusion

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    Work/Life Balance

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    Senior Leadership

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    Career Opportunities

Our  Values 

We believe that in order to make the best games, you need to empower the best people to unleash their creativity. 

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    Explore (all) Together.

    Your adventure at Madbox starts with being a team that shares in the journey, together. Through achievements and failures, you’ll overcome challenges and shape the bonds of those around you.

  • Learn Fast.

    Assessing our ideas through high-speed testing, and receiving feedback as fast and often as we can is paramount at Madbox. Quick failure and iteration is always preferred to long-drawn-out discussions.

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    Be Thoughtfully Candid.

    Speak your mind. These 3 simple words have a huge impact within the Madbox world. We believe that the best gaming studios keep the conversation flowing and that trust in each other breeds a collaborative environment where everyone can support each other.

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    Shape (y)our Journey.

    Your next chapter in gaming is written by you. At Madbox, we believe that people strive to achieve. That means being empowered through transparency and given the trust needed to make impactful decisions, autonomously.

Are you mad
Are you mad

Power  up  with  Benefits. 

We offer benefits that embrace work life balance so that you can take full advantage of being at the best place to make games.

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    Amazing place to work

    We designed our brand new office to make every Madboxer feel at home in a spacious and cosy atmosphere

  • 02

    We. Love. Food.

    Lunch tickets, mad drinks together. Having lunches, drinks and breakfasts all together is part of our company culture. And our offices are near many foodie secret spots of Paris ;)

  • 03

    We care about your health

    We pay for Madboxers additional  health coverage

  • 04

    Easy commuting

    We are in the center of Paris and Barcelona, 10 minutes away from all major train stations. We built a secured private parking down the office to park all scooters, bicycles and motorcycles from Madboxers.

  • 05

    Travelling together

    Twice a year, we enjoy taking a break altogether for a few days in the backcountry, in the mountains, enjoying music, food and games altogether. Mad memories so far, much more to come.

  • 06

    Jungle Paradise

    Back to back meetings can be a drain. Refresh yourself by stepping into our very own jungle oasis! Ok, you got us. It's not really an oasis but it is a sweet spot to relax and it will totally make you feel like you’re in paradise.

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Our Story

Your adventure at Madbox starts with being a team that shares in the journey, together. Through achievements and failures, you’ll overcome challenges and shape the bonds of those around you.


Enter  the  Mad  Life 

Hot off the presses, our blog aims to provide a deeper look into the creativity and passion we have at Madbox.

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