Stickman Hook a MadBox game

Stickman Hook

Swing like a spider man.

Tap to hook and make incredible jumps; Avoid every obstacle that stands in your way. Can you execute all these acrobatic tricks in a row like a boss?

Idle Zoo Tycoon 3D a MadBox game

Idle Zoo Tycoon

Build the ZOO of your dream!

Unlock and discover tons of animals, increase your activity and get rich.

100Millioninstalls our first year

100 Million thank you's to our players 😉

Golf Race a MadBox game

Golf Race

Play Golf like never before.

Face other golfers in a crazy golf race. Challenge the world and unlock all the trophy !

Sausage Flip a MadBox game

Sausage Flip

Make the sausage flip and fly

"The time has free the sausage ! Take part in this glorious journey and try your best to end every level. Flip, jump & stick the sausage as best and as far as you can."

Car Crash a MadBox game

Car Crash!

Make the biggest crash!

Become a famous stuntman and create the most impressive crashes ever seen. How many cars can you hit ?

Stickman Snow Ride a MadBox game

Stickman Snow Ride

Ride down the slope. Perform crazy tricks.

Get ready for crazy freeriding. Race with other opponents, jump and show yourskills in this high-paced snowboarding game.

Dash Valley a MadBox game

Dash Valley

Relax across the Valley.

"Progress in the captivating universe of Dash Valley! Travel through space, throw the ball and dodge the blocks. Be careful not to hit the spikes if you don’t want to lose the game!"

Stickman Riders a MadBox game

Stickman Riders

Ride down the mountain and win the race!

Race against other BMX riders, jump and show your skills in this high-paced racing game.

Idle Ball Race a MadBox game

Idle Ball Race

Can you finish first ?

"Race against a hundred marbles! Use special powers to lead your ball to the end-line. Make money to reach the highest leagues. Will you be the first? Let the race begin"