The MadBox paradox

Casually Mad.

Two words that are not supposed to match together, and yet, so true when it comes to describing who we are and what we do.

This is what defines us.

We asked our long-trusted business partners, friends and peers the way they see us.

A crazy team made of very casual people.

A mad ambition with a sound culture.

A wolf pack and a family.

We do not see these as contradictory elements we see it as a singularity we embrace.

MadBox team

This is the way we create our games.

Passioned about making games, heavily driven by data.

We have worked on hundreds of concepts, failed a hundred times. We know the level of uncertainty and the mastery required to craft great games. We know that passion is fundamental, but we learned that having the right metrics to take the right decisions is essential to deliver the best experiences.

We always focus on a casual game mechanic first, and bring madness afterwards.

Our M.A.D. Values.



As stated here, we focus on what matters, first.



World-class production games, for millions of players. Nothing less.



We have a heavy business-intelligence data culture to help us take the best decisions for our players. Fun and quality in a Madbox game is paramount.